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Sarankara Collage: A Retrospective (Hardcover)

Madonna Camel

Sarankara Collage: A Retrospective is a broad spectrum collective look at the creative body of work of Madonna Lavon Camel. Inspired by the colors, fabrics, people and culture of the people of the African diaspora, Madonna has created a dynamic series of works that combine image, fabric and passion in a way that powerfully speaks to the soul.

On Being a Teacher and Other Questionable Decisions

Ginger Galloway

In this volume of poetry, Ginger Galloway takes you on a journey of buttons and hummingbirds, grease paint and gray hair, and students who can’t quite make themselves speak although her thoughts are “dancing around her teeth” to show the beauty in the small moments of life. You will miss your own primary school teacher and find in this book and in these words, both memory and joyous imagination as motherhood, teaching, and simple life are given lyrical adoration and rhythmic praise.

 – Nikia Chaney, author of Ladybug (Inlandia Institute, 2022).

Life’s a Rocky Road

Raquel Bell

First Book by new author Raquel Bell! Raquel says, “This collection of my most inner thoughts and subconscious expressions is a testament to all the souls I’ve crossed paths with thus far. Here’s to us finally resting our minds and hearts, since you will now know mine a bit better”

This is My Body

Madeline Aliah

“Madeline is a dragon spirit who sees what the rest of us cannot see, bringing soft rain and thunderous rage, unbound, fierce, indomitable.” –Bob Gomez, Poet Laureate Watsonville, CA

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The Longest Night:

Words from the Winter Solstice

Lydia Theon Ware i

Jamii Publishing is so happy to support Lydia Theon Ware i and her activism. To learn more about her work with poetry and homelessness please read more about her work in the Press Enterprise, “Writing Workshop for Black Women Builds Words, Community”. Lydia’s Theon Ware i’s unfailing advocacy for writing and homeless in the Inland Empire deserves to be celebrated!

Woe is the day I came into being. Sometimes I wish I was Job. At least he had boils and at least, well he had boils.” Lydia Theon Ware i 

In this volume of poetry, Inland Empire writers share poems written in solidarity for homeless individuals during the winter solstice – the longest night of the year. Poets spent time writing through the night each hour sharing stories and creating poems to raise awareness of homelessness.

Proceeds from the sale of The Longest Night are donated to provide support and services to the homeless population in Riverside County, California.

Women Who Submit Anthologies!

Jamii Publishing is so pleased to partner with Women Who Submit!

From the Women Who Submit website:

Women Who Submit seeks to empower women and nonbinary writers by creating physical and virtual spaces for sharing information, supporting and encouraging submissions to literary journals, and clarifying the submission and publication process. Women Who Submit began with the idea of a submission party—the brainchild of founding member Alyss Dixson—as a response to the VIDA count. Other founding members, Ashaki Jackson and Xochitl-Julisa Bermejo, were brought in to help plan the first ever submission party held in Xochitl-Julisa’s mom’s kitchen (thanks, mom!) in July 2011. On that day six women ate quiche, created a sharing library of lit journals, set goals, asked for feedback on cover letters, and sent off submissions. Our Facebook pageTwitter feedYouTube channel, and blog are tools WWS uses to continue its mission to empower women writers to submit their work to literary magazines for publication. It is completely open to any writers who are seeking online support and information. We also use these outlets to promote future projects and public events.

Our Women Who Submit Anthologies!


Transformations: A Woman Who Submit Anthology

TRANSFORMATION is a collection of poems, essays, stories, and plays by Women Who Submit (WWS) members from New York, South Carolina, Texas, Washington State, Europe, Long Beach, Westside, and Los Angeles chapters. This work represents the way collaborative communities transform the writing lives with support and mentorship. As WWS members share resources, encourage literary submissions, and support one another, we work to promote change in the world.


Wild Seed Poetry and Arts Collective

Jamii Publishing is working with Wild Seed Poetry and Arts Collective to bring more poetry, prose, and art events to our local community. As always Jamii is dedicated to making the literary arts accessible for women, and writers who work within their communities outside of traditional literary communities.

We are so proud to have won a grant from the California Arts Council to host the first annual Wild Seed Black Women’s Writing Retreat in 2024.

Wild Seed Black Women’s Writing Retreat

The Wild Seeds On the Beach Black Women’s Writing Retreat is the first annual writing retreat for Black Women hosted by Jamii Publishing in partnership with Wild Seed Poetry and Arts Collective and made possible through generous funding by the California Arts Council. This 4-day/ 3-night retreat is being held in a beautiful beach home right on the shore in Oceanside, California. Accommodations include single rooms with private baths, meals, snacks, workshops, some Wild Seed swag, and inclusion in an anthology to be birthed from the event.  Participants will join an intimate cohort of women as we collaborate, write, relax, rejuvenate, and create. 

There are limited spaces available, so submit your application quickly! Application closes February 1, 2024. But check back often for other Wild Seed events and opportunities.

Submissions Now Closed!