About Us

The Vision.

We know that poetry is greater than all its parts. We feel that it is truth from deep within and in its greatness, in its vastness, in its enormity we find that poetry is all encompassing and visionary– seeing deep into our history, the breadth of our present, and far into our future. Creative writing is a tool that give voice to the voiceless.

The Mission.

Our mission at Jamii Publishing is to foster the communion of artists from all genres, foster growth in the artistic world, and to bring these arts to the community. We strive to work with artists who are already active in the community as well as those who have a desire to reach outside of their comfort zone and share their art with the larger world. We want to gift books to these dedicated people and help them in turn help others.

The Goal.

Our goal is to put great books out into the world for artists who might not have a chance otherwise. We seek books that push boundaries, and act as endeavors for a larger goal, by teaching, sparking conversation, highlighting a social need, making a soul laugh. We publish chapbooks, art books, spoken word CD’s, broadsides, anthologies, and handmade books for women and people of color as a means of breaking down barriers and creating community. At Jamii Publishing we believe that poetry is not a solitary art. Poetry is an art form that brings people together.

Our Staff

Nikia Chaney

Founder, Editor in Chief

Cynthia Manick

East Coast Editor

Emily Blair

Design Coordinator

Cassidy Parong

Assistant Editor