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We publish literary poetry. But that definition can be quite broad. We look for things that are unusual and a bit hard to categorize. Slipstream, hybrid, children’s poetry, multiple authors, short story, lyric essay, visual/textual is all fine. We are a small micro-press. We distribute our books through Amazon. We do not offer royalties at this time.

Please note the following:

The manuscript you send to Jamii must be a part of a larger community-based project.

Our goal is the help publish nontraditional and nonacademic poets. If you are a performance poet and you hope to have a chapbook, we would love to see it. If you teach community classes and your work comes out of those classes such as an anthology or poetic memoir, this is the right place for you. If you are an artist trying to have an honest conversation about your subject with the larger world with little to no means of support, we would be overjoyed to read it. We love good work, but we don’t want poetry that does not come out of the communal spirit. Your work should be tied to a larger project and have a purpose or you should be an artist with a proven track record of volunteer service. Look at our author pages for the kind of community involvement we champion. We are currently publishing womxn and writers of color.Your Attractive Heading