A book cover of Spider with Wings by Cindy Rinne
Cindy Rinne
Spider with Wings
Cindy Rinne
Spider with Wings
A book cover of Spider with Wings by Cindy Rinne


Cindy Rinne’s, spider with wings, extends a tender myriad of verse “which sing a siren’(s) coaxing.” In this intimate mosaic, Rinne declares “I cannot promise to be consistent with your soul.” The poems gently navigate the reader through heartfelt insights; a sagacious study enriched with “maplines,.. Galilean moons, a house of antlers.” Moment by moment these unique, precise lyrics leave us asking: “how did it happen…” as we witness the birth of a harmonious language, “another kind of human” empathy.
–Maureen Alsop, Ph.D. NCSP School Psychologist

The Natural World locked antlers with Human Intervention, and they really went at it. And before the dust settled and a winner was announced, Rinne scrambled into the fray, collected the images, and collaged taut, spare poems from them.
-Amy Pickworth author of Bigfoot for Women

Cindy’s poetry is both lyrical and imaginative, and recalls the rhythmic cadences of nomadic cultures.
-K. Andrew Turner, Author, Editor, Creative Mentor

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Cindy Rinne
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Cindy Rinne

Cindy Rinne has created fine art for over 25 years. She started creating fiber poetry over fifteen years ago. She draws with thread, paints, stamps, burns or bleaches fabric. Cindy writes original poetry which often appears as a part of the art work. Her work emphasizes using fiber as collage with embellishment. She enjoys using vintage fabrics, laces, buttons and Japanese fabrics among other textures.

Cindy has exhibited internationally. Cindy’s works have been featured in the San Bernardino Sun, Redlands Daily Facts, Riverside Press Enterprise, Los Angeles Times, “Art/Quilt Magazine” and “Sew Somerset” magazine.

Cindy is the managing curator for SAQA@20:Art & Excellence. This international 20th Anniversary show for the Studio Art Quilts Associates premiered in Houston in 2009. Cindy had art work in the TAQS exhibit in Taiwan and the national exhibition, “Like Water on Rock” (a traveling show) in Los Angeles, CA in 2009. Both of these shows included catalogs.